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Become an e-grower and profit from the world cannabis market with us.

How does JuicyFields cannabis crowdgrowing work?

An innovative idea! The JuicyFields cannabis crowdgrowing concept provides a community cannabis cultivation. The purchase of a plant is a service order which is provided by Juicy Grow GmbH. JuicyFields partners hold all necessary licenses for the cultivation of medical cannabis with a THC content of min. +12%. The acquired plant clones are not marked by name. All harvests that take place at the same time will be distributed equally fair to all e-growers who are in the same cycle.

Why JuicyFields?

Low entry

Already from 50€ you participate in the world market cannabis. Returns of +35% with only a short maturity of 108 days.


Sabores Purpura (Portugal), Kannabyte (Kolumbien)

German Company

The JuicyGrow GmbH is a company registered in Germany (Berlin) with the HRB 214650 B

Online participation

JuicyFields handles all work for the e-grower.

JuicyFields Offers

Payment methods


Acceptance of the User’s order depends on payment through the Platform. Acceptable methods of payment for the order are:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cryptocurrency

The exchange rate for ETH and BTC is provided by binance.com.


Sabores Purpura



In fact, just about any inspired grower would love to experience our new JuicyBoxes. Considering that they are equipped with the latest technology. You can have multiple JuicyBoxes. Thus, the sky really is the limit!

The following images show an impressive performance that an optimized JuicyBox can deliver.

Attachment device

Yields per acre per year

Number of cycles per year


0.5 – 2 tons*

1-3 cycles*


6.5 – 8.5 tons

3-4 cycles


8.5 – 9.5 tons**

4 – 6 cycles**

* – Depending on the geographical location

** – Depending on the method of cultivation, production flow and the number of levels built.

The mobility of transport is another feature of JuicyBoxes. The container can be moved at any time.



Juicy Grow Gmbh aka JuicyFields was officially founded on Nov 06, 2019 at Amtgericht Charlottenburg. The first day of the platform JuicyFields.io was on 22.03.2020!

Legal owner: Viktor Bitner

Managing director to be executed: Alan Glanse

Most frequently asked questions and answers

JuicyFields is an innovative crowdgrowing platform that gives everyone the opportunity to grow cannabis online. Without any previous knowledge and the whole thing is completely legal.

The minimum contribution is 50 €. You are free to choose between 4 categories of plants with different yields: small, medium, high and ultra.

You can sign a profitable contract for only 50 € and after 3.5 months you will receive your first share from the sale of cannabis!

The minimum age for participation is 21 years.

When it comes to fiat money (e.g. EUR, USD, CHF etc.) you are responsible for taxing the profits and should also consider the deposits as part of your tax income. The JuicyFields platform works with euros. So, if you choose this deposit type, it is solely your responsibility to pay taxes. However, according to EU legislation, profits and deposits in cryptocurrency are equivalent to products. This means that cryptocurrencies are no different from cars, vegetables, books or other goods from the perspective of EU law. Therefore, you are only required to pay taxes if you sell cryptocurrencies for fiat.

Our JuicyFields clients with deposits in cryptocurrencies do not have to declare them as part of their tax income. This capital is not taxable. We are responsible for taxing the proceeds after Juicy Cannabis is sold to dispensaries and doctors.

Also, it is important to note that the JuicyFields platform uses Euros for all transactions. This means that your crypto deposits on the platform will be automatically converted into Euros at the current exchange rate. If you want to withdraw your winnings, you can do that in crypto as well. Nevertheless, they will be displayed in Euros within the platform.